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I am planning a 13th birthday party for my daughter.  She wants a mall scavenger hunt and I have no clue.  Could you give me some ideas?
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I have several Mall Scavenger Hunts posted at http://www.diva-girl-parties-and-stuff.com/mall-scavenger-hunts.html
I also have two more posted at http://www.scavenger-hunt-fun.com  One of the Mall Hunts at the Scavenger Hunt Fun site is a Mall Clue Hunt.  There are 16 stores noted in the example.  Have a look at those and see whether the clues are easy enough for your daughter or not.  I have written clues for over 250 stores, and am now creating software that will make it possible for you to choose and build your own mall clue hunt.  The software isn't quite ready, but if the clue hunt interests you can just fill in the form at http://www.scavenger-hunt-fun.com/mall-clue-hunt.html and you'll be notified when it is available.

There is also a cute credit card shaped printable Mall Scavenger Hunt invitation available.


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drop her off in shopping mall ok they can learn about the shopping central

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thank for your help...
my friends and i are doing a scavenger hunt on halloween and we need Halloween themed ideas. it's not the type where you go out and find certain objects though, you have to do an activity such as "sing a song at the top of your lungs in a store" or "buy a Slurpee and chug the whole thing in a minute" everything has to be on camera or videotaped.

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And you want all of these ideas to be Halloween related?  Correct?  (eg. If you are going to sing on top of your lungs do you want it to be a Halloween song or a song with pumpkin in it, or, or, or?)

Also, have you checked on what your mall allows?  Some malls are very good about scavenger hunts provided they do not disrupt business.  My local mall has been very good about allowing us to host hunts, but singing on top of our lungs would not be accepted.  Other malls do not allow scavenger hunts of any kind.
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