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Hey girls, 

I'm turning 13 soon, near the end of 2015, and I'm not quite sure how to celebrate. I'd really like to do a sleepover, but I don't have a big house and wouldn't be able to have more than 4 other girls. This is a bit of an issue because I have at least 3 separate groups of close friends, who do not necessarily get along with eachother. So, who do I invite, and what do I do to make the celebration more than a normal sleepover? My groups of friends are basically...

-Good Friends (that I see quite a lot both in and out of school)

-School Friends (that I see a lot in school, but not as often outside)

-Neighborhood Friends- (don't necessarily go to school with me, but hang out with a lot in summer)

I have many friends that fall into the first group, probably 10 or so, and I have no idea who to pick if I choose those girls.

I have about 3 friends in the School Friends group...but I don't know if I'm ready to have them sleepover at my house yet.

I have I think 4 friends in the Neighborhood Friends group, whom I like quite a lot, but unfortunately these friends know my Good Friends, which would make it hard to invite these girls and not the others.

I also thought of renting out a town hall or country club, but I really would like to have a sleepover since my party at the hall wouldn't be more than 3 hours long due to the budget and season. It also wouldn't go past 10 pm, which I don't love. I had also considered having a large party at a town hall to minimize expenses, and then having a sleepover, but my mum didn't approve of that.

My budget is $150-250, so I can definitely have some fun with that, even if it doesn't seem like much because- hello- dollar store! Plus I have a bunch of stuff at home that could be used to do something cool. 

Thanks for reading this load of stuff- and if you would like to help out a fellow girlfriend, please tell me whether I should rent out a hall and do a party with all 3 groups of friends or have a sleepover  with only one. Also, some suggestions of some fun things to do for birthdays considering that I am 40 minutes away from my favorite mall. There is some shopping closer, only 20 min away, but it is pretty crappy. 

Thanks so much, and happy birthday/good luck with your party!

LillyTheMagical [rolleyes]

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