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I'm turning 14 soon, so I need party ideas! I'm thinking of inviting 13 people. It's during the colder months, so it would have to be an indoor party. Sleepovers are out, and it might be hard to drive all the kids from places if we don't have three cars available. A sleepover is out, unless it's only for a couple girls afterwards. My budget is about $100 for the activity.

What are some ideas?


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Is this going to be an all girl party?  Also, when you note that you have a budget of $100 for an activity is that $100 strictly for an activity or does it need to include food, favors, etc.?  Finally, do you have a time frame for this party... 2 hours, 3 hours, more?

It usually works out well to build out activities and a party theme around a favorite something of the guest of honor, whether that be a movie, a food, an activity, a song... anything really.  Do you have any favorites?

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