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Is the Christmas murder mystery kit at http://www.diva-girl-parties-and-stuff.com/christmas-party-murder-mystery.html for 100 people?  Is it geared for adults?
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The Christmas Murder Mystery is definitely geared to adults.  I've played a few of the mystery games from this company with teens that were very conversational and it worked, but for the most part... these are games for adults.  As a matter of a fact, the creator of the game hosts full blown adult murder mystery parties all the time.

I believe the Christmas game is created for up to 40.  From my recollection, there is only one that has character packets for up to 50 and that isn't the Christmas one.

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I was looking for a kit that would have packets for up to 100. It will be for our RV resort, and I was hoping to have it centered around the Christmas holidays.
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I know there are companies that produce games with 100 characters, but feedback that I've received about them is that they aren't very good.  I can't say one way or another since I have not tried them.

I will say that when you invite 100 people to a murder mystery of this type, it's very difficult to actually include 100 distinct characters.  From experience, not everyone wants to be a character anyway.  There are those who will enjoy mingling and there's no reason why they cannot try and solve the crime too despite the fact that they are not a featured character.

The murder mystery Christmas game I feature on my site includes everything from decorating ideas to printable invitations.  I've actually played these games and with the right crowd, they are a LOT of fun!

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