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I need suggestions for an August ladies luncheon featuring the Dog Days of Summer.  We are using a cute dog theme with funny dog pics from the internet on picks stuck into tissue stuffed tin buckets for table decor.  Name tags will be printed on dog bone shaped cardstock.  Table favors are custom wrapped Hershey bars with cute dog sayings and "Happy Tails" with dogs wagging tails on back of candy wrapper.  We're using all bright summer colors.

What I need are some ideas for entertainment.  Our group has previously had a veterinarian speak, also someone from the local animal shelter.  Any other suggestions? 

I have a dog trivia game I found on this website, but for a group of 35 women, that might be something we use on the table instead of as a game.

We have time to work on this, but I'd like to get started and my creative mind just isn't cooperating.


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Can I assume dogs do not attend?  Could be fun to have an owner/dog look alike competition.

As far as sit down entertainment is concerned, could you have each guest send in an image of their animal and an image of themselves and a funny or touching or embarrassing story that happened with their animal?  Then you could either make playing cards or such or flash up power point screens of an owner along with 3 dog images and have guests match the right pet with its owner based on the story you (or they read).

If you like Family Feud, I could put up a dog related survey on my site that you can  then use the results for to play Dog Lovers Feud at the event.

I don't know if you've ever played the game, "I Never" but I could see that being quite funny with a dog theme.

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