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I would love some help for a Scavenger Hunt for Harvard Street in Brookline. I'm a little overwhelmed. There are 20 student participants ages 10-13. They are to look for certain items, but only fill in answers on a hunt sheet.  There are both boys and girls.
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So you want to create a list like...

1. Rubin's Delicatessen is located at _______ Harvard Street?

2. Kolbo Gifts closes at _____________ pm on Thursdays.

3. Rabbi ________________ serves at the Cong Kehillath Israel Synagogue.   

4. The price of a regular coffee at Cafe Eilat is ________.

5. __________________ wrote "A Treasury of Jewish Bedtime Stories" (available at Israel Bookshop).

6. The Butcherie opened in the year ____________.

Is that the sort of list you had in mind?

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