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Hi there.
I am new to this site and have found some wonderful ideas so far.  My daughter wants to have a mall scavenger hunt, however, I am totally stumped on what kind of invitation to make.  I see the credit card one, however, that looks time consuming  to make for 20+ girls so I was curious to see if anyone else had any neat invitation ideas?

Also...how long should the scavenger hunt last?  Have ya'll asked the mall before you organized the event?  I did call and they said they don't "like" it, however, they did not say you "can't" so I think as long as I give the girls the rules and have an adult supervise each team we should be ok.  Plus, I am going to do it 1st thing in the morning when the mall is not crowded at all.

Thanks for all your help!  There are some really neat ideas on this site!  Glad I became a member.

Have a great day!


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I've never had an issue with hosting a mall scavenger hunt in Canada.  Of course, we always make it clear to the participants that their behaviour could affect the future of scavenger hunts in our area malls.  We also remind them that these are businesses trying to make a living and whatever they (the participants) do should not in anyway interfere with the businesses or customers in their stores.

Some of our malls are so great that they even offer coupon books and a few prizes.  I am sure there are malls in Canada that do not allow scavenger hunts, but it seems more prevalent in the US from what I hear.  I believe in some malls there are also a privacy issues that don't allow photos to be taken in the mall.  I would definitely call a mall before making a mall hunt the focal point of my party or otherwise have an exceptional plan B ready.

As far as invitations go, you could just print your info on simple paper or cardstock and place each one in a separate mini gift bag that has the look of a shopping bag.  At one time I had a template for a purse shaped invitation on my site, but that would take as much work, if not more, to create for 20 girls.

If the girls have emails, you could send the invitation via evite. Another alternative is to set up a simple RSVP page at http://www.myvirtualpartyspace.com and give each of the girls a mystery note that directs them to a page that has been set up for your party details. 

I'm sure there are blank invitations at the dollar store or one of the department stores that would have a purse or a diva or such on the front if you want to make the invitations really simple.

I wouldn't make the hunt longer than an hour.  I sometimes have a mystery person at the mall that the girls know or I show them a picture of them and the first team to spot the person gets a prize from them.  That adds another little dimension to the hunt.

In fact we have hunts that involve having 8-12 people moving around the mall (either disguised or not) that participants have to find.  That type of hunt doesn't interfere at all with businesses.
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