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What would be the best kind of hunt for a retirement park? 

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Could you give me a little more information?  Is this scavenger hunt for seniors or just being held in a retirement park?

Are you looking for nature items, people connections, photo-type hunts?

If the scavenger hunt is not for seniors, could you let me know the general age group and how many you expect to participate.
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 The hunt is for seniors in a retirement park.  It will be more about looking for nature items.  Most will be on bikes or foot.  We cannot supply cameras.  I am at a loss.  Trying to figure out how to go about it.  The age group is mostly 62-75 and there will be around 100 or more participating.  Is it possible?

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Here are a couple of printable nature hunts and outdoor scavenger hunts that might work for you as is or by creating your own list by taking a few items from each.

Printable Nature Scavenger Hunt List
Printable Recycle Scavenger Hunt List

One easy option that usually goes over well in a nature or park setting is an ABC hunt.  It forces the teams to use their imaginations to come up with items that start with every letter of the alphabet.

You could also add a few bonus items to your list like...

Teams will get an extra point for each of the items below that they rank the best find for
The softest item
The sharpest item
The coldest item
The bluest item
The most unusual item... etc.

Nature Scavenger Hunt with a Twist

These points will need to be handed out at the discretion of the judges.

You could also create a scrambled word hunt.  Find things that have words on them in the park and pick out one letter from each to spell a location to find.  You could then even have a coded clue on where that location is.  The first team at the location is the winner.

Example:  If you wanted the seniors to meet in the lunch room (final location), find the letters to spell lunch room in various locations in the park and give these locations and hints in random order so that they have to be unscrambled.

The second letter on the stone structure to the west side of the pond.  "u" ...

Planning of this hunt will depend on whether there are structures and items that have letters on them in the park.

You can find letters on memorials, garbage cans, meters, hydro poles, many things ... don't know if you want to put that much effort in or not. 

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