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Do you have any for a stagette or a buck and doe event?  People are various ages and not easily offended.

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As far as the stag and doe is concerned, friends have told me that they love this game where a guy sits on a chair with a inflated balloon on his lap and a girl runs toward him and jumps on top of him, facing him, and tries to break the balloon.  It is hysterical!  I don't know if you've played it before or not.  Have three to five guys line up on chairs with ample space between them and holding tied-off, inflated balloons in their laps.  On your go have 5 girls run up and jump on them.  First to pop the balloon wins or moves on to another round, depending on how you want to do it.  You could even have wagers on the last round.

I also think auctioning off dates with the most eligible bachelor and most eligible bachelorette could be quite fun, especially with the right music and MC.

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